Every pose is an opportunity for fullness of being and action. As we humans naturally practice life standing on our feet we are encouraged to move and accomplish tasks/projects. The practice of handstands allows us to turn our perspective on its head and practice stillness and the art of being. Handstands encourage us to receive the blessing of knowing, that achievements do not give us fullness of being, rather they are the expression of it.

In this handstand school, we will be taking time to create range of motion in our joints and learning to use to them together with intention. We will use the breath to burn away stagnation and doubt to cultivate thirst for life and peace from stillness. The classes will be playful and energetic while constantly encouraging mindfulness. On a strictly physical level, these classes will bring increased flexibility and strength.

Join Ben Beck for this unique 6 week program.

$20 for each individual session
$80 for the full 6-weeks (pre-registration is required)

Handstand school will be on Saturdays 5:15pm-6:45pm from March 10th through April 14th. Register today!

No handstand experience needed.