Fall in love with you body and empower yourself through Belly Dance!

On Mondays, August 6th- September 24th, Elizabeth Ashner will be teaching two levels of Belly Dance Fusion.

Location: PranaTonic Yoga Studio 2600 East St, Golden, CO 80401

*Level 1- 7 week session from 6:30-7:30pm (no experience necessary)

Give yourself the gift of conscious movement! Shimmy, undulate and celebrate the feminine form in all its glorious shapes, sizes and abilities. Stretch, strengthen and tone from head to toes. In this fun, welcoming class, you’ll learn new ways to move your body and replace negative self-talk with self-love and body-positive encouragement. This is a great class to learn and strengthen the technical skills involved while progressing every week! Elizabeth will present a solid foundation of belly dance, emphasizing technique, posture, strength and flexibility. In this class, you’ll strength your mind-body connections with timeless, global art forms rooted in Tribal Fusion and American Tribal Style® Belly Dance. This level 1 class is recommended to all beginning level students, and most students will attend Level 1 2-3 times prior to moving on to level 2.

Investment- $84 for all sessions, no drop-ins



*Level 2- 7 weeks session from 7:30-8:30pm

Continue on the Belly Dance Empowerment journey by taking level 2- where we add more variations, more moves, more transitions, more dancing together and, well, more of everything Tribal Belly Dance! Regular attendance is recommended. Classes will build upon material learned each week. The style that we focus on is called Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, with the roots in American Tribal Style® Belly DanceClass Requirements:
You must complete 2-3 sessions of Level 1 Belly Dance, or have permission from the instructor to take the Level 2 class.Investment- $84 for all sessions, $18 drop-in fee