Well, things are moving and shaking from week to week, day to day! We have a new studio/clinic! We are super excited to announce our new location which is still centrally located in downtown Golden, is big enough to house both our yoga studio and our clinic, and has been used as a breath taking yoga studio for almost 20 years! We have happily taken over the yoga studio in the Foss building on Washington Ave., the former Kindness Yoga Studio and we’re beyond excited!! Moving the clinic and the yoga studio into one location has been a long-time dream and it’s finally coming true. This convenient location right on the Avenue even has a parking lot in the back! This is a really sustainable move for us and we look forward to many years of yoga and wellness in this beautiful location. We hope to have our classes operating in the new space by August 1st and we’ll move the clinic by September 1st. We will be in the studio making updates all next week. If you’re in Golden and want to take a peak, let us know. We’re proud to show you around!
HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY to se you again soon in our new Yoga + Wellness home. THANK YOU!!! For believing in us! Our members are so special!!!!
Watch the schedule for new teachers and new class options both in person and on line.