Time for some self love! Join Shanti in the discovery of the nourishing spring rituals to live with the rhythms of nature. In this workshop we will look at the attributes of spring how our mind and bodies can thrive during this time of the changing of the seasons.

It’s Kapha Season! With Shanti Pitschka, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner
In Spring, the earth is starting to warm, ice starts to melt and seeds begin their journey upward. This is the time to move from heavy foods to sprouting greens and create more movement in our lives. Ayurveda understood the need for a gentle spring cleanse to remove the heaviness of winter, to lighten up our physiology and our outlook on life. Join me in a community gathering to learn, support and create together a beautiful ritual to invite the fresh, vibrant spring into our beings.
This is a program 3 Saturdays from 9am – 10:30am March 20th, March 27th & April 3rd
Cost: $75
Click the link below to sign up! This event is in studio or virtually on Zoom. We would love to see you there!
Week 1 – 3/20/21 Flow. Who am I? Ayurveda is customized for the individual. Learn more about your “self” and those around you taking the Constitutional Quiz. Find out what the stars say about you in your Jyotish chart. Discover your true nature. We will break out into groups to discuss the doshas or any imbalances you may be susceptible to. We will dive deep into nourishing yoga, meditation and pranayama practice.
Week 2 – 3/27/21 Purify. Purification for the digestive system and cleansing the mind. We will prepare for our 3 – 5 day Kichadi cleanse. This gentle cleanse is a mono diet of lentils and basmati rice. We will learn to prepare spice mixes, churnas, chutneys and teas to enhance the experience. We will discuss the hot water routine, journal on thoughtful insights, focus on meditation and the power of mudras. During the week after this workshop you will practice the purification cleanse. You will be supported through the week through group conversation or one on one discussions.
Week 3 – 4/3/21 Nourish. Reintroduce Sattvic (high energy, clean) foods into your routine. We will discuss intuitive eating methods, the six tastes and eating with the senses. You will be provided with recipes for the season, a seasonal food list, bulk foods and spice pantry list. We will discover the marma points (like acupuncture) in the body to calm and to relieve pain or discomfort.