This 45 minute stretching session is perfect to wind down and relax those tired muscles—especially if you attended the zumba class just before! Come and give your muscles and joints the stretching and the love that they all need.

Stretch and relaxation are essential elements of good health and general fitness. They are vital to maintaining range of motion and reducing stress.
Our Golden community is abundant with athletes who play hard. This casual class is a chance for us to come together and bring balance to our activity by lengthening the muscles safely and effectively, reducing tension, and improving mobility.
Your instructor Kimball has vast experience as a fitness professional, yoga teacher, acupuncturist, and yoga therapist. This is a chance to work on deliberate injury care and/or prevention for athletes and non-athletes alike. Any age, any physical conditions are encouraged to participate.

Every Friday from 6:30-7:15PM, after the Zumba class.

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