If you’ve been following our story, you know we let go of ONE of our brick and mortar locations during COVID-19 as a way of reducing overhead so we could come out the other side of this craziness. We are very proud that all of our members have continued to practice with us virtually and we’re going to be just fine. Our clinic is back in operation and it is time for us to find our new Studio space. Hopefully we can move the clinic and the studio into one location like we’ve been wanting to do for quite some time anyway.
Many of you might know that we had our sights on the former Foothills Chapel here in Golden but sadly, the owner of that building has decided to go a different direction and that space is no longer an option for us! We’re sad about this but we already have another studio in mind. It is in downtown Golden and it’s beautiful! Stay tuned as we work with the owners of the space to make this new home our reality. Fingers crossed!