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Mission:  We provide high quality, inspirational, life-enhancing products and services with integrity.

Vision: We support and benefit the community and individuals by inspiring physical well being, emotional peace, mental equanimity, and contemplative spiritual practice. We offer a place of refuge, mind-body therapies, health, wellness and fitness classes, yoga classes and environmentally friendly products.

Our Providers Care About Your Health!

Kimball Cicciu, L.Ac., E-RYT

kimball cicciuKimball is a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.), an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), and a certified group exercise instructor (AFAA), with an extensive background in providing acupuncture, massage, health coaching, health and fitness education, and yoga and meditation instruction for groups and individuals.
As a health care provider and educator, Kimball takes pride in offering not only Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massage but also yoga and fitness instruction, holistic wellness coaching, seminars, and workshops for youth and adults.
Kimball has been teaching fitness, yoga, and meditation since 1992 and has been a student
of Zen meditation since 2000 at the Zen Center of Denver. Here, she received lay ordination under the instruction of Ven. Danan Henry Roshi.
Her vast teaching experience includes medical college courses, both Eastern and Western, at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She also teaches at several courses at Red Rocks Community College for the Holistic Health Program, the Yoga Teacher Training certificate, the PE department and more. She also has experience teaching Montessori education for youth.
Kimball has a special interest in treating women’s health and sports injuries with the use of Chinese Medicine. However, she can confidently treat any condition effectively. Her ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible not only stay free of disease, but maintain a high level of physical wellness, significant energy and mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Greg Cicciu, L.Ac.

Greg began studying Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in the early 1990s. The first school attended was a Five Element School and the second school was a Traditional Chinese Medicine school. The two schools empowered Greg with a variety of acupuncture and tui-na (Chinese massage) techniques in addition to a strong comprehension of Chinese herbal formulas. In 2011 Greg
published his first Chinese pulse diagnostic book , The Pulse Atlas. It is an illustrative guide to Chinese pulse diagnosis formatted to make it easier for students and practitioners of different learning styles to better comprehend the pulses whether you are a Visual, Audio or Kin-esthetic learner. In addition to treating clients his passion for teaching has brought him around the world teaching seminars on Auricular therapy, Tui-Na and Pulse Diagnosis for almost two decades.
More recent additions to his education and healing toolbox are Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Coaching/Change Coaching. His successes with these tools continue with smoking cessation, relieving PTSD, stress reduction, Helping patients alleviate and manage anxiety to name a few!


Dr. Drew Peterson, D.C.

Dr. Peterson has been a licensed Chiropractor in California, Florida and Colorado since 1980. He administers Sacral Occipital, Activator non-force techniques as well as Gonstead traditional chiropractic
technique utilizing infrared technology for a precise diagnosis.
Dr. Peterson is one of a handful of chiropractors with a Chinese medical degree offering over 250 raw herbs for conditions ranging from indigestion, elimination, hormone issues, sleep disorders and much
more. He was an associate editor and researcher for the California Journal Of Oriental Medicine’s 15,000 subscribers, instructor at the Colorado School Of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Han Tang School Of Acupuncture. He was on peer review for the Harvard-UCLA consortium Natural Standard with the likes of Dr. Andrew Weil, certified by the University Of Colorado Pharmacy School in botanical medicine and a fellow of the Institute Of Post Graduate Medicine. He utilizes Dr. Tan’s Balance Method, Korean Constitutional and Five Element Acupuncture with Serin painless acupuncture needles exclusively.

 Sonja Meyer

Sonja, is a lover of the outdoors and self described health and wellness geek. As the last of her four children enters high school she decided to take this love of all things’ health and fitness and turn it into a career. Having practiced yoga for fun since the late 90s, this led her to become a yoga teacher. A Yoga Alliance RYT 200 teacher, Sonja is trained in Hatha yoga, practicing vinyasa flows for all levels as well bringing Pranayama (breathwork) and meditation to her classes. Though she loves the yoga practice, she believes that incorporating the mental and spiritual side of yoga is equally important allowing her students to grow in their practice. In addition to teaching group and private yoga classes, Sonja is also a health and wellness coach and proud owner of A Life Uprooted.



Paige Roadman

Paige is originally from Georgia and has lived in Colorado since 2010.  She is currently living in Golden with her husband and dog.  Her background is in art and ceramics; and her passion is health and wellness.  Her hobbies include hiking, pottery, cooking, rafting, gardening and snowshoeing.