Yoga Studio Testimonials


[What you’ve taught] “is revolutionary – we each have the power to prevent the signs of aging with our everyday choices. Making the right science-based lifestyle choices for your goals takes work, information, perseverance, dedication – but the rewards are infinite to quality of life and happiness. Invest in your education, invest in reading or listening to books by experts to help you with your goals, become a beacon for positive change, invest in yourself (and our society by becoming more informed and help spread truthful advice)!! Thank you for teaching me meditation!!! When I do it before bed after going for a walk – it has helped me to get the best sleep ever 🙂 and getting good sleep is one main thing that helps stave off the signs of aging, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

– KD Golden, CO

A beautiful little gem of a studio with a serene, peaceful and down-to-earth vibe. Class sizes are small, and teachers give individual attention.

– M WW

Karen has been practicing at PranaTonic pretty much since we opened, usually 3-4 times a week. Before discovering yoga five years ago, Karen was very active: running marathons, triathalons, climbing all of Colorado’s 14’ners, etc. “I did all this crazy activity, but NEVER stretched and had no idea how badly it was affecting my joints,” she says. The result is that Karen has had both a knee and hip replacement, and is now doing great. “Yoga has been my saving grace, both physically and mentally,” she adds.
One of the reasons why Karen says she loves practicing at PranaTonic is the sweet community we’ve built. “When I first started practicing at other studios, there were some classes where the environment seemed competitive between yogis on who could execute this pose the best, or who could hold their handstand the longest – and with my injuries, there was just no way,” she explains. “But at PranaTonic, everyone is so welcoming and encourages you to strive for YOUR best. The teachers are wonderful and I’ve become friends with them, and love the comradery among the students. It’s such a unique environment and I always look forward to practicing there.”
– Karen Lambert

Dear Kimball,
You are the greatest teacher I have ever had in school. The way you teach has always resonated with the way of my interpretation and understanding; the depth put behind the detail and how the teaching is more than a superficial understanding. Your wisdom is within your layers of communication and I cannot help but be in a state of receptive meditation when you have something to say or teach. Like a student observing their Sensei and I am grateful for all your knowledge and experience that you express to share. From this, I would like to extend the question of apprenticeship under your wing. I honestly could not think of a better Yogi(ni) or Guru as I feel you are a Sensei to me already. No immediate answer is needed, at the very least I just wish to express my gratitude for your teachings, if this path is not meant to be. I honor you and I’ll respect your answer.
Thank you again.

Wellness Clinic and Acupuncture Testimonials

You saved me and my son during my labor, I did it without an epidural for 26 hours and you were there for us all these hours. I do not think I would have made that day without you. You are the best dear Kimball, I owe you a lot. God Bless you, your family and your business.

– ZT

I have been receiving acupuncture, massage and herbal treatments from Kimball for over a decade. She is thoroughly professional, knowledgeable, effective, heart centered, peaceful practitioner. I highly recommend her as a partner in your healthcare.

– Anonymous

It’s been almost 24 hours since my foot went from burning to painless. Three cheers for electric acupuncture!! Thanks again.

 -Pam L, Thornton, Co

I found Kimball Cicciu about 5 years ago.  My back pain was so intense, that I couldn’t walk 100 yards–  I had been getting Cortisone shots from an Osteopath that would give me short term relief. Finally, I was told that I could have no more shots..and must have surgery!–my last resort was to try acupuncture.   After 3 sessions with Kimball,  my back pain was nearly totally eliminated … i could hike, ski, bike etc. Since that time I have gone back on a “mainentance program”. She has also treated me for sinus infections, hot flashes and other ailments.  Kimball is a true healer.
         -MJL, Idaho Springs, Co

Kimball, congratulations on your recent mention [Voted Best of the Best Acupuncture 2013].  I think that is great and well deserved. You are an amazing healer and such a bright light in this world. It’s an honor to be a part of your energy.

-Lana W., Lakewood, CO

“After several failed attempts to maintain a healthy pregnancy, I came to Kimball for help in improving fertility. I found the treatments as well as Kimball’s personal support to be nourishing in body and spirit. Early in my pregnancy, I experienced a threatened miscarriage for which Kimball treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I went on to have a healthy and active pregnancy and gave birth naturally to a perfect 7 ½ lb baby girl. I am so very grateful to Kimball for the nurturing role she played in bringing our daughter into this world.”

– Michelle W., Golden, CO

“5 Medical Doctors, 1 surgery and at the end of my rope due to a shoulder injury, I was still having severe muscle pain. Not thinking of an alternative, I found acupuncture with Kimball Cicciu at Inner Peace Wellness. At first, I was skeptical but eager. I am now traveling my road to recovery and with a wonderful state of mental peace! I am a true believer…”

– Tina R., Thornton, CO

“Our family has been treated for years by Western doctor – with traditional antibiotics, a bandaid, and a rush in and out of the office. While we had looked at various types of alternative therapies, it wasn’t until my husband had a stroke in June of last year that we considered the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. In fact, he met Kimball Cicciu through a yoga class she was teaching and it was then that these therapies came to mind. Over the last nine months Kimball and Greg Cicciu have treated our whole family (including two teenagers) for various things. The Ciccius have proven again and again that they are healers and care givers in the truest sense of the word. Through their use of alternative therapies, they have taken each one of us to a sense of healing and health that we have never known. We would definitely recommend their services to anyone!”

– Phyllis M., Littleton, Co

“My weekly acupuncture treatments are preventative medicine! My need for thyroid supplementation has decreased by 40mg. in a year.”

– Marilyn C., Golden, CO

“I used to hate going to the doctor’s office because of the cold, fast food-like treatment that I would receive. Kimball’s treatments not only provide me with heath care for my physical needs but is also an enjoyable experience that teaches and has a personal care that you will not find anywhere else.”

– Troy D., Lakewood, CO