“Our family has been treated for years by Western doctor – with traditional antibiotics, a bandaid, and a rush in and out of the office. While we had looked at various types of alternative therapies, it wasn’t until my husband had a stroke in June of last year that we considered the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. In fact, he met Kimball Cicciu through a yoga class she was teaching and it was then that these therapies came to mind. Over the last nine months Kimball and Greg Cicciu have treated our whole family (including two teenagers) for various things. The Ciccius have proven again and again that they are healers and care givers in the truest sense of the word. Through their use of alternative therapies, they have taken each one of us to a sense of healing and health that we have never known. We would definitely recommend their services to anyone!”

– Phyllis M., Littleton, Co