Dear Kimball,
You are the greatest teacher I have ever had in school. The way you teach has always resonated with the way of my interpretation and understanding; the depth put behind the detail and how the teaching is more than a superficial understanding. Your wisdom is within your layers of communication and I cannot help but be in a state of receptive meditation when you have something to say or teach. Like a student observing their Sensei and I am grateful for all your knowledge and experience that you express to share. From this, I would like to extend the question of apprenticeship under your wing. I honestly could not think of a better Yogi(ni) or Guru as I feel you are a Sensei to me already. No immediate answer is needed, at the very least I just wish to express my gratitude for your teachings, if this path is not meant to be. I honor you and I’ll respect your answer.
Thank you again.