Yoga Etiquette


1. Be on time – 5-10 minutes early if possibly. But hey, we know life (and parking) gets in the way so just do your best. If you have to come late, enter quietly.

2. Turn off your ring-ey thingies. You’re welcome to bring purses and phones into the studio, but just make sure they’re silent. If you’re expecting a super important call let the teacher know you may be checking your phone. But consider, this is your time to LET GO.

3. We’re gonna be doing some BREATHING. So, please keep perfumes, strong detergent, body odor and other scents at a minimum. We’re not saying you have to buy into corporate deodorant, just be mindful. Some folks are super sensitive to smells.

4. Be aware of the space you’re taking up. Try to stagger your mat a little bit so people behind yoga have a view of the teacher.

5. Respect others’ desire for peaceful quiet. Sometimes people meditate before class. Most people meditate during class. Chatting is most welcome in the lobby.

6. Laughing at your instructor’s jokes is SUPER good karma.

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What Our Clients Say

I’m so grateful

I'm so grateful you've been there to help guide me on my yoga journey for the past three years. Your influence will have a lasting effect...

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