Yoga Class Descriptions

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Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a study of the primary series. The practice starts by opening the mind and body through classical sun salutations. This allows for a deep and rich study of the mind and body by listening to the breath through many different postures that will both strengthen and stretch the whole body. This class both encourages regular, consistent practice while meeting every student where there are at, with both modifications to poses and assists.

Candelight Yin Flow Yoga

A fluid and restorative practice. This class will focus on the enjoyable flow of gentle Vinyasa, along with elements of Yin to release stored stress in the body. You will develop an intimate connection with your breath, which will aid in the release of anxiety and body tension. This class will increase your flexibility and calm your state of mind.

FUNctional Yoga

FUNctional yoga – ready for a light hearted yoga class that will challenge you, but keep you smiling?

This class will focus on movements that strengthen the core, improve balance, as well as increase range of motion & flexibility.

FUNctional yoga is not your traditional yoga class, so get ready to giggle and guffaw in this unique style class.

Gentle Yoga

Calm: Gentle yoga doesn’t mean “not challenging”. This class is on the calm side and inspires beginners and experienced students alike to find the calm in their practice no matter what the activity level.

Girls Kula

Being a girl isn’t easy! This monthly class is devoted to girls to learn, heal, share, empower, strengthen and transform through journaling, chanting, breath work, and asana practice. Celebrate your radiant self! For girls only, ages 9 – 18.

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow is an alignment based class that links movement to breath at a moderate pace to deeply understand the postures. Mindful awareness is emphasized for a practice that harmonizes the body and the mind.

Prenatal Yoga

A positive and nurturing environment for all, focusing on breathing techniques and calming poses. In class we work on poses that aid in a positive birthing experience, such as stretching the shoulders/neck, lower back and opening up the hips. This class is gentle enough to be a perfect post-natal class as well.

Safe for all stages of pregnancy and ability levels. Join us for a relaxing class and get to know other moms-to-be! Dads are welcome too!!

The last Wednesday of each month we will use a stability ball in class. If you have a ball, please bring it with you.

Steady Flow

A multi-level class designed for new and experienced students. Alignment and vinyasa flow inspired by connecting breath and movement are woven together for a dynamic and effective practice. Variations are given for students to take asanas to their own level of challenge. Vinyasa movement will be blended with static holds and intricate details in the postures. Build into new and potentially challenging poses with clear instruction and the opportunity to work at your own pace. Students are encouraged and empowered to listen to their breath and honor their body while moving through each sequence. Expect a class that challenges and encourages you to listen deeply to the connection between your body, breath, mind, and spirit.


Vinyasa is a flowing style of yoga linking movement with conscious breath. Each class is a unique sequence of poses designed to uplift, inspire and challenge. Sometimes more challenging poses are explored, with variations available to all student students. All levels are welcome. Due to the faster pace of this class, some yoga experience is recommended but not required.

Yoga For Aging Gracefully

This class is designed to help students enhance their mobility and strength so as to feel good in their bodies coupled with breath and body awareness and flowing movements to calm the mind. Variations are offered to encourage students to individualize their practices. Classes will include a thorough warm up, a general body stretch/strengthen/balance practice with flow and savasana. A sampling of breathing practices and restorative poses will be included.

Yoga for Mental Health

This class is for anyone who wants to support their mental health.
Trauma informed yoga is yoga that promotes relaxation and calmness in the body. We teach the basics of yoga, and how to use yoga elements such as breathing, postures and centering activities as a coping skill.

Yoga Nidra and Restore

Yoga Nidra brings a sense of calm, stillness and clarity into your busy world. This practice is supplemented with restorative poses, supported by bolsters and blankets, to open your body in the 7 directions of spinal movement. The relaxation techniques and guided awareness will bring you into a meditative state to nurture a physiological response that counter body and mind stress and tension and allows you to actively-rest, replenish and rejuvenate.

Yoga for Recovery from Addiction

This class supports recovery and healthy behavior patterns through emphasizing:
• Connecting with your body, recognizing and responding to its needs.
• Learning alternative ways to respond to emotions, stress and fatigue.
• Learning to quiet the mind through breath practices, meditation, and mindfulness.
• Using asanas (yoga poses) to gain strength, spiritually, mentally and physically.
Yoga helps us shift our way of thinking and being from searching outside ourselves for fulfillment and peace to finding that within.
Have fun, find joy in movement and community in a safe and supportive class. Everyone is welcome.

Private yoga lessons

Whether you’re looking to deepen your current yoga practice, begin a practice or use yoga as therapy for an athletic injury or some other condition, our teachers are highly qualified to walk with you on your path.



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